Video: How To Speed Up Your Inbound Lead Process

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How do you speed up your agency’s inbound lead responses when you need to manually review each lead?

This was the question I was asked on a call with a client the other day.

When you can’t automate the entire process, I encourage agency owners and service-based businesses to automate as much as possible while still having the option to manually review the inbound enquiry before responding.

Using my Lisboa Photo Booth business as an example, I demonstrate how I have automated parts of the inquiry process to save time and used this process to close 4 deals in the last few weeks….

2 of which stated that we were the quickest to respond.

In the video, I share how I have set up an automation using Zapier that allows me to automatically respond to incoming enquiries, with a “holding email” and also:

  • Add a calendar placeholder
  • Add the lead to a spreadsheet/CRM
  • Create a draft email ready to be amended and sent


I don’t sell a service that helps with agency automations, but I can’t deny that I’m an automation geek.

So if you have any questions about automations, I’d love to help.