Are Lack Of Sales In Your Agency Keeping You Up At Night?

I’ll share all my Agency Sales SOP’s, frameworks, templates and experience to help you close more deals in your agency.

After working together, you’ll have the tools and specific suggestions on how you can increase your revenue (and sleep a little easier at night).

Consistently closing deals is tough.

(and very frustrating without the right help).

And as Agency Owners we beat ourselves up that we can’t close more deals or get frustrated when prospects ghost us for no reason.

It’s easy to feel this way.

However, it’s likely that you never went through any formal education about sales.

And that you set your agency up to deliver campaigns and results for clients, not stress about Sales.

In 2020, I recall lying in bed at night thinking:

“If we don’t close a few more deals, we won’t be profitable and I won’t be able to pay myself (again).”

“I own an agency, but it feels like the agency owns me.”

“I hope we can make payroll this month.”

“This is fucking hard!”

“Why does it have to be so hard?”

“If these 2 large clients don’t renew, we’ll be in the red.”

“We have a great service and happy customers, but it’s hard to find these customers in a predictable way.”

“We have a few good referrals, but if they stop, what happens?”

Once I’d optimised the sales process, knew how to effectively manage the pipeline, reject unqualified prospects and run effective discovery calls, I was able to close more than 65% of qualified prospects into net new revenue.

After my agency was acquired in 2022, I spent months compiling all of my SOP’s, frameworks, templates and experience to offer these services.

Revenue doesn’t solve all problems in your agency, but it does give you the space to breathe and the capacity to tackle those other challenges (like hiring and utilisation rates).

Scroll down to learn more.


Sales Process & Pipeline Audit

Learn where your sales bottlenecks are and how you can overcome these to close more deals, faster.

If you’re like most Agency Owners, you’ve been ‘winging it’ when it comes to your sales process and pipeline management activity.

And that’s ok, to a certain point. But if you don’t optimise your sales process, you’ll experience your new business sales begin to plateau.

With the Sales Process & Pipeline Audit, I’ll show you exactly why you’re not closing enough deals and recommendations on what you need to do to close more deals and increase revenue.

Included in this service is:

  • Sales process design improvements (qualification, discovery etc) to close more deals
  • Pipeline management optimisations to close deals quicker
  • Sales enablement gap analysis to reduce deal stagnation
  • Sales management and technology guide to increase efficiency

You’ll have everything you need to manage your deals with confidence and ease, resulting in more revenue.


Regular Pipeline Reviews

Find out exactly what you need to do to close more deals each month.

As an Agency Owner it can be challenging to know how to move each deal across the line.

You likely only need to close a few extra deals each month to go from struggling to cover payroll to paying yourself a decent rate.

However, when you’re the agency owner 100% responsible for sales, but only able to spend 20% of your time on sales, not knowing what to do can cause frustration, stress and lost revenue.

That’s why I offer the Monthly Pipeline Reviews.

This is the quickest way I can help agency owners increase their revenue.

There’s no theory here, just pure tactics that you can implement on each deal to increase the number of new business you win.

Lean on my sales experience, having served over 250 agency clients and personally closed millions in revenue throughout my career.

It’s designed to give you everything you need to close more deals with the least amount of effort, almost immediately.

Book a call today

Schedule a call with me to discuss your current challenges with closing your deals. In addition we can cover:

  • Your pipeline generation activity
  • Identify any sales process optimisations to generate more revenue
  • Wax lyrical about the ups and downs of agency life
  • See whether it makes sense to work together
  • No aggressive sales tactics (I promise)

The ideal outcome is that you leave the call knowing what the next steps you need to take are.


I’ve spent the last 4 years responsible for the revenue of two agencies. Having personally closed over seven figures of revenue and onboarded 250+ clients, I’m now helping agency owners close more deals faster each month.

Mark Colgan

Founder, Agency Sales Design