The Daily, Weekly and Monthly Sales Activities Every Agency Owner Needs To Do

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I sat down with an agency owner the other day who is managing the sales at his agency. I was happy to see that they are doing most of the basics right.

Except for one thing:


Here are the daily, weekly and monthly sales activities I recommended they get into the routine of doing.

I suggested they add a calendar appointment for each of the following and add links to the docs, URL’s they need to use to make it easier:

Daily Activities

β€’ Respond to any replies from prospects with open deals
β€’ Net New Prospect – Connect/email with new prospects
β€’ Reach out to recently connected prospects
β€’ Prepare for any meetings

Weekly Activities (ideally each Monday)

β€’ Review pipeline and work any deals to close (start with closest to revenue so Contract sent, Proposal sent, Post call follow up etc)

Monthly Activities

β€’ Review closed lost reasons and reach out to prospects
β€’ Nurture prospects – send valuable content/updates to prospects that have gone cold

If you do these tasks consistently, you’ll unlock more revenue, speed up your sales cycle and book more meetings.