Video: 8 Terrible Examples Cold Emails From Agencies & What To Do Instead

Table of Contents

Video Summary

In this video I share 8 examples of terrible agency outreach emails, highlighting the lack of personalisation, targeting, and relevant copywriting.

Check below the video to see my suggested cold email framework that will generate more replies and meetings booked (when implemented correctly).

Consider the following to improve your cold emails

  • Example 1: Lack of Personalisation
  • Example 2: Wrong Targeting
  • Example 3: Unclear Offer
  • Example 4: Tricky Subject Line
  • Example 5: Insincere Message
  • Example 6: Ineffective Personalisation
  • Example 7: Unnecessary Lines
  • Example 8: Unrealistic Guarantees

The 15% Reply Rate Cold Email Framework

The key to this email framework is:

  • Really understanding your ICP and buyer personas.
  • Focussing on the problems and challenges your prospects have (rather than your product).
  • Making it less about you and all about them.
  • Keeping the email short, without too much jargon.
  • Using a soft CTA – AKA not asking for marriage on the first date.