Agency Office Hours 4 of 4: Pipeline Generation

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I know what you’re thinking…this could of been a fancy carosul.

Well I can’t spell carosul, so I’m writing it out, nothing wrong with that.

Pipeline – you think it is your biggest problem. But as the last 3 posts have shown you it isn’t. Conversion of your current conversations is whats holding you back.

If you work with me, I can help with that. I can help you convert 2 or 3 more deals a month.

Which usually translates to you spending more time with your family, sleeping easier at night and focusing your time on the more important things in your business.

But you know that already…but you “NEED MORE PIPELINE!”.

If that’s (really) the case, then let’s dive in:

I could write a whole course on prospecting (ha, I have already…twice)…but what you need to do is:

1. Outbound Prospecting Strategy – Think of your angle, segmentation, message-market fit, prepare your domains, warm them up
2. Research – your ICP and Personas, their triggers and signals, find the data sources and double verify the emails
3. Write the damn emails and followups, use the right subject lines and spintax…oh and don’t forget the soft CTA
4. What about the sequence design? How many emails, how many touchpoints. “How much is too much?”
5. Handling replies and closing deals – what are you actually going to do when you get a reply? How will you direct them to the next steps?

So many agencies get steps 1 to 4 wrong. So very wrong.

I don’t want to just help with prospecting. But, if you’re an agency owner, sending emails and getting less that 10% reply rates…you need help.

Slide into me DM’s and I’ll do my best to help you.

I’ll probably try and sell you my program of improving your sales process, pipeline and close rates first.

But, I’m always happy to help a struggling agency owner who’s been paying their team first and them second.