Video: 12 Tips To Convert More Deals

Table of Contents

This is a summary of a recent call with one of my coaching clients. In the video I share 12+ suggestions for how this Marketing Agency can improve their Agency Sales Process & Sales Pipeline Optimisations.

I’ve anonymized the video to protect their privacy, but I’ll give you a rundown of what we talked about.

We delved into their sales process, pipeline, and key sales challenges.

I recommended pre-qualifying prospects with additional questions during the booking process to streamline communication. We also discussed spending more time on qualification and suggested a 15-minute qualification call followed by a half-hour discovery call.

I emphasized the importance of sending follow-up emails, even to unqualified prospects, to maintain a positive impression.

Additionally, I advised adding relevant social proof or customer testimonials to proposals and optimizing the pipeline with clear steps and personalized follow-up emails.

We also touched on recovering close lost revenue by building a lead list and designing an exceptional onboarding experience for customers.

Lastly, I highlighted the significance of identifying the “moments that matter” in the customer journey and conducting check-ins to gather feedback and drive expansion revenue.

If you’re looking to enhance your sales process and pipeline, this video is packed with actionable suggestions. Enjoy!