Agency Office Hours 2 of 4: Pipeline Optimisation

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Here’s the notes of my suggestions I shared with a successful agency owner to improve their close rates.

Again, nothing groundbreaking here…without context of course.

Pipeline optimisation
– Make sure you have a follow up process between deal stages
— use templates and action items in your CRM
– Closed lost playbooks (recovering lost revenue)
— Competitor – recruitment example*
— Budget
— Timing
— Other (catch all)

* Story time, I used to work in recruitment. Boooo Mark boooo.

Sometimes I lost out on a role because another company placed a candidate which was better than mine.

Booo hoo I lost…not…

I always tried to find out the following:
1. Who that candidate was
2. When they were starting
3. Where they were leaving

Knowing these three things I could:
1. Try and place a temporary person in the role that they just left = 💰
2. Call the hiring manager on the new persons first day and asked if they turned up…you’d be surprised by how many people pull out of jobs at the last minute.

The lesson here is…don’t take “no” for an answer in agency sales…it just means not right now.

Always attempt to find out why a company didn’t move forward with your agency and make a note and give yourself a task in your CRM to follow up.

There maybe a chance that things didn’t work out.

People do business with good people, people they remember and trust.

You want to be that person.

In a red ocean of other providers, it’s not hard to stand out.

Tune in tomorrow for some other waffle about agency life and sales.