Agency Office Hours 1 of 4: Qualification

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I had an hour-long conversation with two awesome agency owners last week. Their agency is doing well, they have happy customers and their team is performing well.

But there’s always more than can be done…

There is a lot to cover in a 60 minute call and I intentionally rushed through the goals, metrics and sales process.

I wanted to focus on helping them generate more revenue in the shortest amount of time.

Here’s the first post of four where I share my main takeaways, starting with some of my suggestions for improving their sales process:

→ Qualification
↪ Pre-qualify prospects with additional questions when they book a call.
↪ Spend more time on qualification in the first call and move to discovery if they are a fit – save their time and your time
↪ Reduce % of not qualified prospects after discovery calls
↪ Still add value by introducing non-qualified prospects to people who could help.
↪ Add relevant social proof in your proposals

All of the above sounds simple. And sales is simple when you know what you’re doing.

If you’re an agency owner and would benefit from closing 10/20% more deals each month, let me know.