Using Voice Of Customer Data To Book More Meetings

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Want to increase your cold email reply rates?

Silly question, of course you do…

Then try using the voice of your customer:

Review websites like G2 are a goldmine of information that you can use in your cold emails.

I particularly like G2 as it asks the reviewer “What problems is <software name> solving and how is that benefiting you?”

You can take this problem statement and start your email with it. You can also use the benefits when describing your solution.

Simple email framework

Using a simple framework below, you can see how simple it could be:

{first name}, {observation (if any – don’t force this)}. {question about relevant problem}?.
{solution to problem with social proof}
{soft CTA}

This works well when you’ve organised your prospects into smaller segments, ideally of the same persona.

If you’re working for a newer startup and don’t have reviews yet, then either see what you have on your website or internally.

Failing that, if you have competitors offering a very similar product, then see how their customers are describing the problem they are facing.

Voice of customer sources

Review websites:
– G2
– Capterra
– Clutch
– TrustRadius
– GetApp

Your website – look at your:
– testimonials
– case studies

Speak with your Marketing/CS teams as they may have:
– customer survey results
– recorded customer interviews

Segment your list > use voice of customer in your messages > increase replies 🔥