Video: 9 Sales Process Improvements An Agency Client Made To Close More Deals

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As an Agency Owner, it can often be hard to know exactly how to increase revenue.

The default strategy is to generate more pipeline.

But this is a mistake…

If your sales process is inefficient.

Before focusing on any net new pipeline activity, you need to make sure that you’re not loosing money from existing deals.

In this video I walk through 9 improvements to the sales process for an agency client I’m working with.

In the first 30 days we:
✅ Developed detailed ICP and Personas
✅ Improved the ‘schedule a call’ process
✅ Started using to record discovery calls
✅ Created several sales assets to support deals
✅ Implemented a discovery call script
✅ Improved the post discovery call email follow ups
✅ Added custom fields and automations in the CRM
✅ Introduced daily, weekly, monthly sales tasks
✅ Improved the Proposal content

I also share how these improvements are focussed on closing more deals and why this is important.