Not Generating Enough Meetings?​

Meetings, Leads or Prospects…whatever you call them, like most agencies you’re probably not generating enough of them.

I can help fine tune your existing outbound prospecting campaigns to generate more meetings or I can help you implement a pipeline system from  scratch.

Filling Your Pipeline Is Tough…Especially Now.

(and very frustrating without the right help).

There’s no denying the fact that what worked in outbound prospecting a few years ago (or even last year) just doesn’t work any more.

The spray and pray method has never worked, yet many agency owners deploy this type of approach to prospecting.

There are hundreds of factors that you need to consider with your outbound campaigns, from email deliverability to sequence design, from reply-worthy CTA’s to effective personalisation.

Having personally sent over 500,000 emails and optimised over 200 companies outbound prospecting campaigns, I can help you avoid the pitfalls of prospecting and turn your campaigns into pipeline generating machines.

You can lean on my expertise and knowledge through working with be through the three options below.

If you're already running outbound prospecting campaigns, here 3 ways I can help you generate more replies and pipeline.

Sequence Feedback

Send me your sequence and I’ll provide feedback on your existing outbound messages and sequences to help you book more meetings.

You’ll receive a video with my feedback and we’ll have a call to talk through my notes and answer any questions you might have.

Prospecting Strategy

Receive a customised strategy on how you can optimise your existing outbound prospecting strategy and generate more pipeline.

You’ll receive a customised Outbound Prospecting Campaign Strategy document, video walkthrough and a call to answer any questions.

Sequence Copywriting

I’ll rewrite your cold emails and follow up sequences so you can use them to get more replies. 

This includes trigger based emails, LinkedIn voice notes and video scripts.

This package starts at £1,197 for one sequence aimed at a single persona/vertical.


What I Can Help With

Sending emails alone and hoping to book meetings is not enough to generate pipeline in 2024.

I’ll help you build out a prospecting system that relies on three pillars that work together to drive inbound leads and book meetings with new leads.

Investment: 3 payments of £1,749.

Website Positioning & CRO

  • Referrals
  • Upsell/cross sell
  • Partnerships

Client Onboarding & Success

  • LinkedIn Positioning
  • Conversation Starting Content
  • Website Optimisations

Outbound Messaging & Angles

  • Outbound Messaging & Angles
  • LinkedIn Outbound System
  • Email Outbound System

Book a call today

Schedule a call with me to discuss your current challenges with pipeline generation. In addition we can cover:

  • Your pipeline generation activity
  • Identify any sales process optimisations to generate more revenue
  • Wax lyrical about the ups and downs of agency life
  • See whether it makes sense to work together
  • No aggressive sales tactics (I promise)

The ideal outcome is that you leave the call knowing what the next steps you need to take are.


I’ve spent the last 4 years responsible for the revenue of two agencies. Having personally closed over seven figures of revenue and onboarded 250+ clients, I’m now helping agency owners generate pipeline and close more deals faster each month.

Mark Colgan

Founder, Agency Sales Design