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Use my cold email sequence cheat sheet to plan and write persona relevant emails.

It’s my secret sauce to getting 15%+ cold email reply rates.

And it’s all in the planning….

  • Every sequence is a campaign.

  • Each campaign targets only one persona.

  • For each persona I identify two problems/challenges.

  • I then note down the implication/risk of these persona problems.

  • Finally, I add social proof through testimonials/reviews to include in copy.

Once I have this table complete, I have everything I need to write 6 emails:

  • 1 x initial email about problem 1

  • 2 x follow ups about problem 1

  • 1 x email about problem 2 (new thread)

  • 1 x follow up about problem 2

  • 1 x “not the right time” email (new thread)

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